Fleet Division

From the January 2012 Committee Meeting

Silver Fleet.

The committee has agreed the following;

  • The competitors in the Silver Fleet will be nominated at the start of the season - so competitors know where they stand and who their opposition is, thus promoting interest and rivalry.

  • Competitors remain in the Silver Fleet, unless there is “significant” improvement in their performances, such as regularly winning races at regional events, at the Committee’s sole discretion.

  • Only the winners of the Silver Fleet receive a prize at events – this will reduce costs to the host club, but add prominence to the winning of the Silver Fleet at the event.

  • An “opt-out” offer will be made to all those who are initially declared to be in the Silver Fleet.

  • The award is “Helm-based”.

  • All new fleet members will automatically go into the Gold Fleet.

  • The fleet ranking will be reviewed annually.

The Committee will publish a ranking list for the complete fleet one month before the commencement of the regatta season. During this one-month period, people will be able to ask for a review of their status within the ranking system.