When Loopies replace Woompatah you know it must be Fireball Training Weekend!

Post date: May 22, 2017 12:37:33 PM

With generous sponsorship from the ISA class Training Scheme and hosting by the DMYC, the Fireball Class assembled in Dun Laoghaire yesterday for the 1st day of its annual training camp under the coaching of Ger Owens, the renowned GP14 sailor.Under bright, clear skies with only the odd passing shower to dampen the mood, the weather was perfect for a full-on day of training. The group of 12 sailors started the day in classroom mode where Ger Owens, managed to condense the entire world of race-winning strategy into 5 concise pointers designed to instill a belief in ones ability to hit the front of the fleet without wondering how one got there & how long one could hang on before being passed out by ‘better’ sailors!Once, these topics had been unravelled, the fleet took to the water to undergo Ger’s infamous ‘Loopies’, created to induce ‘muscle memory’ for all points of sailing. Maybe, Ger thought the fleet was suffering from mild dementia because, they were certainly dizzy when they came out of ‘loopie’ mode and moved on to point-to-point sprints.

Following a brief lunch ashore combined with detailed de-briefing, the fleet proceeded to the end of the harbour where a testing sequence of ultra-short races had everyone’s stress levels reach limits not seen in even the most difficult of eventing conditions. What is it about the sound of a whistle or hoot that gets Fireball crews all wound-up & ready to take no prisoners? Extremely short races, with no respite in between gave a thorough workout & tested that ‘muscle memory’ to the limit.

Now, we understood why

* the Kicker could sometimes become a liability,

* why the most important piece of equipment on the boat is a €10 piece flimsy material &

* why what goes on under the boom is a vital source of information.

* The way up is not necessarily the way back down

Want to know these secrets too? Then come along to our 2nd Fireball Training date later on this summer & learn why you too belong at the top of the fleet looking back.