Post date: Sep 24, 2013 8:1:33 AM

Accounts – formal accounts not available but a loss of about 1000 euro’s expected for year. Details to follow from Penny Gibbs, treasurer – it was explained that to a certain extent this loss is a technicality based on correcting overvaluations in accounts. .

Information flow from member countries is uneven - membership lists need updating and better information flow is needed from member countries to central is in hand to sort this, led by Andrew Davies FI secretary. On a related topic there was discussion about creating a database of measured sails. Measurers at every international event have a problem with faded stamps, poor records etc.. A solution is being sought, a formal shared record of sails as they are measured. Cloud storage of this database a consideration.

Venues for forthcoming international events; 2014 – Worlds in Thailand 24 March – 4th April, Europeans in the Shetlands 26th July 2014. In 2015 the Worlds will be close to home - Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club, Wales from 17 to 28 August. In 2016 South Africa Mossel Bay is emerging as favourite amongst a list of possible destinations. Date suggested was first 2 weeks of December 2016 because of cheaper travel away from Christmas (high season there). Access for sailors is relatively easy - travel via Capetown then drive or alternatively Jo'burg via George. Accommodation varies from good secure camping to 4 star hotels. Food and drink said to be very cheap. Frank Miller & and John Manson said November would be a better time because it would clash less with Christmas holidays. If South Africa doesn’t work out alternatives being considered include Richmond, San Francisco and Kenya is also an option.

2017 venue will be decided in Thailand. Barbados is an option or may be a better option in 2018. Consideration also of Turkey, Greece, Spain, Bay of Roses Spain (just over French border). Some talk about distances from UK and how that might affect numbers...

Fleet development and marketing person for each fleet being sought. Ben Shultz is the main webmaster based in Australia.

Discussion about reforming sail measurement methods to conform to ISAF protocols – no measurements would change; this is about measurement methods rather than measurements. The idea is that in a remote area where there is no dedicated Fireball measurer any ISAF measurer could measure Fireball sails using their standard ISAF methods.

Tom Egli on technical issues; Tom is working on plans to create a design for shipping frames for 10 boats to allow maximisation of container loads for international travel. He also said that possible use of carbon was still under review but cost was a major consideration and the class should not move until there was a clear gain without a big cost increase. There are plans to remove some weight from hulls, the vast majority of which carry lead. The target is to remove 4.5k of lead. The meeting agreed that so few boats now exist that don't carry lead that it was time to lighten the boat to make it more manageable, modern and responsive.

74.6kg new target weight for hulls and fittings. There was some discussion about how this would be achieved in practice. Tom Egli said every boat would have to be stripped of control lines and re-measured by an official measurer. This would be best done away from events as it's slow. A suggestion was made that official measurers simply remove the appropriate weight and issue a temporary certificate which could be endorsed at next international event. Tom Egli explained that this approach would not work given the tensions at measurement over relatively tiny weights and the fact that hull weights may have changed as people replaced older blocks and fittings with lighter modern ones. The meeting approved in principle the decision to remove weight and a formal motion will be drafted soon by the executive committee to move this process forward.

Meeting ended.

Fireball Council meeting notes from Slovenia. Meeting was chaired by Commodore Joe Jospe, Cormac Bradley attended in his capacity as a member of the executive. Ireland was represented by Frank Miller & Marie Barry.

tructures – decisions taken by council (with representatives from each member country) are progressed by the executive committee and carried out by them and the secretary. Works is ongoing updating the Fireball constitution.