Proposed rule change - Fireball International

Post date: Sep 16, 2014 7:56:41 AM

See attached file for full wording....

Fireball International has for some time debated the merits of reducing the “all-up weight” of the Fireball by way of reducing the maximum weight of correctors in lead that can be used. The idea behind dropping the weight is to make the boat easier to handle and more exciting to sail. It is also proposed to introduce a “grandfather clause” to ensure that older boats which do not need to make use of weight correctors to bring them up to a minimum weight are not outlawed overnight if this rule change is accepted.

As this proposed rule change affects you, as the sailor, it is brought to your attention so that your committee can vote on the matter as an NCA. If you have strong views on the matter, please refer them to either of the following committee members – Neil Colin or Cormac Bradley. The voting deadline closes at the end of September, so your comments would be appreciated as early as possible.