Masters come from behind (twice) to record another win!

Post date: Jun 12, 2014 6:41:4 AM

The star performance of last night’s Tuesday race in Dublin Bay, the first round of Series 2 of the Tuesday nights, came from Mary Chambers and Brenda McGuire (14865) who led the first lap of the 3-lap triangle-sausage-triangle course, and ultimately finished second.Logic (!) might have suggested that with no obvious sign of more wind offshore, going left and offshore into a two-hour old flooding tide was not the way to go! However, this minority opinion was vindicated when two of the seven boats on the start line did just that and were rewarded when they rounded first and fourth at the first weather mark. On another light evening where XC Weather can only claim to have got the wind direction right, southerly, the fleet was split 4:1:2 between hard right, middle and right and left respectively. Mary and Brenda were furthest offshore and were kept company by Frank Miller & Grattan Donnelly (14713). These two went quite a distance on starboard tack before making their approach to the weather mark on the port layline. Inshore were found Noel Butler & Stephen Oram (15061), Conor and James Clancy (14807), Neil Colin & Margaret Casey (14775) and Louise McKenna & Joe O’Reilly (14691). Middle and right were Messrs Smyth & Bradley.

The ladies rounded the top mark with a healthy lead, followed by Butler/Oram, Clancy/Clancy, Miller/Donnelly, Colin/Casey, Smyth/Bradley and McKenna/O’Reilly. Butler & Oram were being kept busy by the Clancy brothers but between the pair of them they slowly reeled in the ladies at the front of the fleet. However, Mary & Brenda held onto their lead until the bottom mark and were only passed out 200m into the 2nd beat.

The first four boats again took the inshore option, with Colin & Casey taking the offshore choice. Smyth & Bradley felt the need to disengage from McKenna/O’Reilly initially and took another short hitch up the middle. They lost out on both sides as Colin stayed ahead, though the dividends that Chambers had enjoyed on the first beat were gone and McKenna closed. For the rest of the race this was where the action was – avoiding last place as these three boats kept close company on the off-wind legs. Butler & Oram did what they do every Tuesday night – they used superior boat speed to simply sail into the lead, except with Team Clancy on the water they had closer company than they would normally expect and at the third weather mark, Team Clancy briefly flirted with being the leaders on the water. It didn’t last long – the cheek of thinking that they could dislodge the Tuesday night kings on their first outing of the season!!

While these two were in close company at the third weather mark, Mary & Brenda were secure in third, Frank was secure in fourth, but the three way challenge to avoid last place was still lively in the light wind conditions that prevailed. Ultimately there was no change in the pecking order as Colin, Smyth and McKenna came home in that order. The official results show that Noel & Stephen won again, Mary & Brenda were upgraded to second as Team Clancy are not entered in the DBSC Series and Frank & Grattan took third.

After racing most boats will have done some packing up to travel to Clontarf at the end of the week for the Open Championships and Classic Fireball Regatta. Neil & Margaret continued their preparation for the Classic Regatta by sailing a wooden decked Fireball last night but with their 14775 sails. Of the regular DBSC racing group, they are the only ones who make this “time-travel transition” for the Classic event, the idea of which is to provide a separate regatta for owners of slightly older boats in the context of one of our regular events. Clontarf has a number of these and the idea behind going to this venue, on the opposite side of Dublin Bay, is to try and encourage the local boats to come out and race.