Guidelines for Fireball Weight Measurement Event

Post date: Mar 23, 2015 7:59:0 PM

The procedure to follow for a proper fundamental hull weight re-measurement is as follows:

  • 12 days of drying time. I know it might be difficult (or impossible) to completely dry out a boat in Ireland, but you have to try :)

  • Make sure there is nothing in the buoyancy tanks. Sailing instructions, towlines, granola bars, water bottles, tools, spare splash tops and tape are commonly left in the tanks, and I have seen instances where Vise-Grips were fastened to bulkheads or taped to the underside of the deck in order to get the weight up.

  • Centreboard out

  • Sheets out (including mainsheet)

  • Control lines out

  • Spliced lines (eg. twing lines) out

  • Nicopressed wires (eg. rig tension) in

  • Centreboard pivot bolt in

  • Hatch covers in

  • Spinnaker bags in (but make sure the pockets are empty)

  • Compass in (serial number has to be marked on the measurement form)

  • Mast strut in (only if bolted to the track/deck)

  • Shroud plates in (only if bolted to the chainplated)

  • Rake adjuster plates in (only if bolted to the shroud plates)

Basically, anything that it permanently attached to the hull or is required for the hull to float (e.g. hatch covers), but would required tools to remove, can stay in. Anything that can be removed without tools or cut with a knife (e.g. spliced control lines) must be removed. If someone really doesn't want to remove a spliced line, a similar line of equal length (with an equal splice) can be weighed.

We are offering a 7 day dry out location due to logistic reasons and hope that will be OK for our purposes.

Please let me know if you are interested. Even if you feel you cannot commit at this time let me know of your general interest so we can gauge the day. Space will be there for last minute deciders but we need to have an idea of the duration we need to plan for.



Regarding our upcoming measurement blitz - Tom Egli kindly furnished me with the correct procedure for a complete scratch up measurement of the boats. I am quoting his text below. Hopefully not annoying him in the process.