Fireball Weight Measurement

Post date: Mar 23, 2015 7:57:53 PM

As it is a bit of a chore to get space for a scales and get our esteemed measurers (Eddie and Owen) out on a one off basis we are going to offer a group weigh-in in April before the sailing season starts.

The weigh day is to be Saturday, April 18th. Eddie and Owen have generously offered their time and will be on hand. For those that would like the Full Monty we are organising a factory unit in Greenogue Industrial Estate for the previous week (Weighing will also take place there). The plan is that you can bring your boat and leave it there to dry out for the week prior to measuring. If your boat is stored indoors you can come along on measuring day if you like and trust it won't rain on your way :)

If you just want your correctors done then you can also come on the day.

Preparation instructions will be issued in good time over the coming weeks and depending on numbers we may charge a very nominal fee for facilities and equipment. This will be very nominal!

So.......the aim is to facilitate everybody who may want to avail of the service. In that vein could everybody that does want to (avail) please let me know by return email together with your preference and sail number for:

    1. ON site dry out with full measurement

    2. OFF site dry out with full measurement

    3. Corrector adjustment only

Volunteers will also be required on the day :)

Finally, if you know of any Fireballers not on this mailing list that may also want their boat measured please let them know and give them my email address.



NO PANIC - Note that it is not mandatory to reduce the weight so your boat is still fine the way it is.......

A simpler way is to just reduce your current correctors by 3.5kg and have them certified. There are obviously pros and cons to each. The latter is simple and fast while the former takes into account any repairs done over the years but is more laborious.

The first is a full on re weighing of the boat. For this ALL ropes and other items not screwed or bolted to the hull must be removed and the boat dried out for many days. The boat is then weighed and new correctors added to bring it up to the required weight. Unfortunately, there are no negative correctors if your boat is already heavy though!

As most of you probably know Fireball International have changed the minimum boat weight from 80kg to 76.4kg. This means you can now have a lighter boat and get some of the lead out as Louis put it.

To do this though you must get the weight checked and certified by a Class Measurer. There are a couple of ways of doing this.