Fireball International Elections

Post date: Sep 16, 2014 8:46:0 PM

The officers of Fireball International are elected on a three year cycle and the current term of office for the incumbents expires on 31st December 2014.

The Officers of the Class are the Commodore and the Rear Commodores of Australia & Oceania, Asia, Africa, North America and Europe respectively. In addition to these officers the following appointees make up the Executive of Fireball International – Secretary, Treasurer, Technical, Measurer, Publicity and Marketing.

The current officers of Fireball International are;

Commodore – Joe Jospe, Canada, Rear Commodore Australia & Oceania – Ben Schulz, Australia, Rear Commodore Asia – Hiroshi Kato, Japan, Rear Commodore Africa – David Laing, Rear Commodore North America – Robert Thompson, Rear Commodore Europe – Maja Suter, Switzerland.

A nomination process for these officer positions was initiated in July/August with the following nominations being received;

Commodore – Two candidates – Joe Jospe (Current Commodore) and Pat Crump (North America).

Rear Commodores Australia & Oceania, Asia, Africa, North America – no change.

Rear Commodore Europe – Maja Suter (Switzerland) indicated her intention to stand down and she recommended that her successor come from the Czech Republic fleet. A candidate from the Czech Republic has now come forward and a second nomination for this position has been withdrawn as a consequence of this candidate’s confirmation of his candidacy.

The nomination process closed on August 31st.

An election is thus required for the position of Commodore and accordingly both candidates will be asked to prepare a statement as to why they should be elected and these statements will be provided to the individual NCAs for posting to their own domestic websites for the benefit of their members. Thereafter, it is intended that the NCAs will register votes for the two candidates.

It is further proposed that the election process will be invigilated by the Immediate Past Commodore of Fireball International, Francois Schluchter of Switzerland.

The expectation is that voting will open on 1st October 2014 for a prescribed period to be confirmed in correspondence from the Secretary of Fireball International, Andrew Davies.

In order for NCAs to register a vote in this process, they will be required to be in “good standing” with Fireball International which requires that the following measures have been complied with;

a) NCA Class subscriptions have been paid to FI.

b) A list of office bearers within the NCA has been provided to FI.

c) A list of members for the NCA has been submitted to FI, and

d) A list of boats within the NCA has been provided to FI.

Views on the respective merits of the two candidates should be submitted to the Irish Fireball Class Committee once their candidacy statements have been posted to our website.