DBSC 130 Celebratory Dinner

Post date: Aug 21, 2014 9:43:28 AM

Dear Class Captain, I am writing to you about the DBSC 130 celebratory dinner which takes place in the NYC on the last Saturday of the sailing season, the 27th September. Attached is a poster for the event, which I would ask you to distribute to members of the class as well as a copy of this letter.

It promises to be an exceptional and enjoyable occasion. DBSC’s good friend, Winkie Nixon, whose yachting columns in a variety of media have entertained us for years, will be guest speaker and no doubt there will be others who will contribute to the proceedings.

There is one part of the event with which we would appreciate your help. Among the Club’s members are some to whom racing with DBSC is a life-time commitment. They discovered, in their early days the joys of racing in the Bay and found it was something you could do all your for life. The intention is to honour one of their number with a special award. It’s to be called the Not-Too-Bad –Considering Trophy. (Don’t ask why – all will be duly revealed).

The DBSC committee, omniscient and all-seeing as they might hope to be, could not possibly know all who might qualify. For that reason they are asking the classes to nominate someone from their sailing acquaintances who they consider would be a worthy recipient of this signal honour. Club records might be consulted but there are gaps in those for earlier years, so we may be relying to some extent on people’s memories or – if they exist – class records. Nominations should be sent before the 10th September to the Hon. Secretary

Price of the dinner will be €40 and booking should be made through Louise at the NYC (tel: 2805725). Bookings will be on a payment- only basis. After providing for guests, only 120 can be accommodated. Obviously, early booking is recommended.

Pat Shannon,


15th August 2014